About us

Located in Paris, Maître Coline DASSANT 's office is available by appointment Monday to Friday.

Maître Coline DASSANT provides advice and practices litigation, in the following legal areas : en droit de la famille, des personnes et de leur patrimoine, en droit du dommage corporel, en droit des étrangers et de la nationalité, en droit commercial, des affaires et de la concurrence, en droit des sociétés et en droit immobilier. The CABINET COLINE DASSANT can advise, assist and represent you in most jurisdictions.

Our firm essentially fulfills three main functions with its clients: an information and advisory function, a drafting and transaction function, and a representation function.

In terms of information and advice, Maître Coline DASSANT will be your privileged interlocutor for any question relating to your rights and obligations, based on the analysis of your case and the latest legislative or case law developments.

Our firm is also involved in drafting and drafting your contracts or agreements. Whether for the drafting of commercial contracts, transactions or any other type of agreement, our firm is at your disposal. In addition, we take care of the writing of your correspondences and put in residence.

Finally, the CABINET COLINE DASSANT assumes a role of representation function vis-à-vis its customers: As such, we act on your behalf and defend your interests before the courts. As part of this mission, our firm undertakes all the necessary steps, amicable or legal, to preserve and assert your rights, after having defined with you the best strategy to adopt according to your particular situation. As a representative, we assist you or conduct negotiations with your partners or potential adversaries for you.

To carry out his mission of advice, assistance and defense, the lawyer adapts and must demonstrate psychology and pedagogy. To best defend the interests of his client, it is essential that a relationship of mutual trust be created. This trust is preferable for the smooth running of any collaboration or procedure. The same attention is given to each customer.

Maître Coline DASSANT accepts legal aid.

For any additional information, the office is only available by appointment Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 7 pm.