IMmigration to france and french citizenship

Our law office is at your side to establish your own residency in France or if you want only to stay short term without having to request a visa for each travel. French has a specific immigration regime which allows self-supporting professionals and private persons to establish in France on certain conditions. Following the recent reform of immigration regulation, France has harmonized its professional immigration regime, granting multiple year status to entreperneurs, salaried executives, investors artists and other categories of professional. Student visa are also granted on stricts conditions.

Our law office will make sure, you have the proper profile for your immigration request, your document pack is completed, your motivation is clear before appearing before a Consulate of France or the Prefecture.

As an indication, please find below a non-exhaustive list of the main topics covered by the firm:

  • Request for visa before french consulates and embassies in your country
  • Application for nationality and French naturalization
  • Rights of foreigners in France - request for Carte de séjour, renewal of Carte de séjour, 
  • Remedies for removal measures (OQTF, IRTF ...)
  • Requests for residence permits and recourse to annual a refusal
  • Family reunification (OFII)
  • Work of foreigners
  • Visa litigation